The Royal Conservatory Certificate Program is endorsed by OhioMTA as its state student certificate program. Check the Teacher Portal for the most up to date information regarding assessment registration and deadlines.

National Gold Medal of Excellence; awarded to the student who has completed all the co-requisites and achieves the highest score in the United States on the Practical Exam at their specific Grade Level. Jessica displays the medal she won for the Level 9 assessment in 2011-2012.

Ohio State Medal of Excellence 

Effective immediately, the Ohio Music Teachers Association will award the State Medal of Excellence to all Royal Conservatory Certificate Program candidates who earn “First Class Honors with Distinction” (a score of 90 or higher) on their Performance Assessment.
Candidates or the candidate’s teacher must forward  a copy of the .pdf via E-mail or send a copy via USPS of the Performance Assessment mark sheet to the OhioMTA Certificate Program Chair; Sheila Vail, Indian Springs Academy of Music, 9690 Cincinnati-Columbus Road (U.S. rte. 42), Cincinnati, Ohio 45241.


Phone: 866-716-2223  x872

Medals will be sent directly to the recipients in March and October each year. Submission deadlines are February 15 and September 15. Medals will be awarded to students of OhioMTA members.

OhioMTA Certificate Program

Royal Conservatory Certificate Program  takes students on a journey from the very beginning levels to professional certificates of achievement by organizing repertoire and skills in gently advancing levels to guarantee successful growth and development. Appropriate for students of ALL ages, the Royal Conservatory Certificate Program focuses on building instrumental and musicianship skills by integrating diverse repertoire, technique, aural training, sight reading and theory to “Inspire the desire to aspire.” Join scores of your OhioMTA colleagues and hundreds of their students in the Royal Conservatory Certificate Program!


Royal Conservatory Certificate Program is distinguished by:     

  1. Complete and comprehensive nature of its curricula

  2. Professional assessments of progress conducted by trained and certified adjudicators

  3. Specialist adjudicators for piano, strings, winds, voice and more. Click for a complete list

  4. Growth toward advanced repertoire for pianists with origins designed around mainstream and popular method series.

  5. Flexibility to welcome choice repertoire at all levels.


Getting started:

For help getting started, please contact  Sheila.Vail, the OhioMTA State Certificate Program Chair.  Click on   “Royal Conservatory Certificate Program - Getting Started” to review step-by-step instructions, recommendations and TIPS for successful integration of this program into your studio or music department.