Samuel Holland

2019 Featured Pedagogue

MTNA Sponsored Events

MTNA sponsors events to support the membership over the year. The largest event is the National Conference which will be held in Spokane, Washington in 2019 and Chicago, Illinois in 2020. Early bird registration usually opens during the Fall with discounted rates until early December. Check the MTNA Conference Page for up to date registration information. 

Over the past few years  we have seen a surge in Collegiate Chapter Membership. MTNA sponsors the Collegiate Chapters Piano Pedagogy Symposium which will be held at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia on January 4-5, 2019. Check out the complete details at Collegiate Symposium.

In even numbered years, alternating with the National Conference on Keyboard Pedagogy, MTNA sponsors the National Group Piano and Piano Pedagogy Forum (GP3). GP3 2020 dates and site are still pending . Check GP3 for updates as further details are announced.

The Brooklyn Duo

2019 Fall Conference Artists


Provide an excellent opportunity for professional music teachers to improve teaching techniques, gain familiarity with new technology, network with other professionals and learn about the newest publications available for performance and reference. OhioMTA supports its membership by offering an annual Fall Conference. Additionally, many of the eight individual districts offer continuing education periodically in the form of Workshops, Program Meetings and Conferences. OhioMTA members are also encouraged to attend the MTNA National Conference and can participate at a reduced rate for members.

OhioMTA State Conference planning usually begins two years prior to annual event with the formation of a Conference Committee. Individual Districts rotate hosting the annual conference and are responsible for the operations, site coordination, conference artist and program selection. Annually a Commissioned Composer is chosen as well as Presenters for individual sessions. For details regarding these programs and how to submit a proposal please select Proposal Submission.

OhioMTA 2019 Conference

The Conference site is the Franciscan Center at Lourdes University on October 24-26, 2019. The featured artist will be The Brooklyn Duo and the Featured Pedagogy will be Samuel Holland. Please check for updates periodically at Fall 2019 as the complete program develops for what will be another exciting Fall Conference.