Ohio MTA incoming Executive Committee for 2014-2016


The OhioMTA Nominating Committee chaired by Judy Bede, Immediate Past President has selected the slate of officers for the 2014 - 2016 term of office. Other committee members included, Lizbeth Atkinson, Dr. Andi McAlister, Dr. Laura Melton and Clinton Pratt. The new committee will begin their term at the conclusion of the 2014 OhioMTA Fall Conference, October 18, 2014.

Andrea McAlister


Joy Morin


Suzanne Newcomb


Annette Hoverman

VP-Affiliated Associations

Brent Schloneger


Richard Van Dyke

Immediate Past President

Jerry Wong 

VP-Student Activities

Sonya Szabo-Reynolds


Executive Committee, Board and General Business Meeting Minutes


The Executive Committee meets three times a year in January/February, June and at the Fall Conference. Additionally the complete OhioMTA Board meets at the Fall Conference. Finally, the Conference concludes with a general business meeting for all OhioMTA members. Minutes are kept and made public for the general membership. It was decided last year the minutes would be made available on the website. Minutes from meetings prior to September 1, 2013 are available in the newsletter. Beginning with the 2013 Fall Conference, all minutes will be made available as .pdf files on the News page. To review the minutes from the specific meetings, click on the  appropriate button.



Periodic E-notes will be sent out every other month to update the membership on upcoming events, deadlines and other important items. The Membership is encouraged to check the website to answer any questions regarding OhioMTA functions. PDF files will be posted on this page for the past ten E-notes sent. Once the number exceeds ten they will be placed on the "Past Newsletter Page"